Friday, April 10, 2015

Karin Jurick

Karin Jurick, "O'Keeffers", 9" x 12", Oil on Panel, 2015
I began painting when I was an undergraduate, but I didn't truly commit myself to being a painter until shortly after my father passed away. He inspired me to follow my heart and my passion.
When I started painting full-time, I was vaguely aware of artists who were making (and selling) a painting a day. I have to believe that the father of this idea was Duane Keiser Studio and hot on his heels was my friend, Karin Jurick.
But Karin and I have never met. In fact, I have a number of artist friends who have been an immeasurable help to me as a painter whom I've never met face-to-face. The reason that painters are able to create paintings every day and sell them, or make dozens of acquaintances with like-minded artists all over the world is all thanks to the magic of the internet.
But back to Karin...because she's the real reason I'm sitting here writing this to begin with. Aside from being a talented figurative, portrait, landscape, and still-life artist, Karin has also been my inspiration, my teacher, and friend. I am so thankful sometimes to have come into painting when I did--about the same time when painting met the internet. I quickly that was like we all worked in a giant studio building and at nearly any given hour, one could knock on the fiber-optic door of another artist and ask to come in for chat or to see what they've been up to. If I've ever had a question, needed help or inspiration, the ability to connect with other painters here on the internet has been remarkable. But for me, Karin was always my go-to artist. And often, all I had to was read her blog.
I don't know if I'm giving away my age (or yours dear reader) by saying that I was posting online before there was a facebook, but before there was a facebook I kept up a blog. Some of you probably had one too. And so did Karin. And she still does. Her artwork is in fact on several blogs (one blog is devoted solely to her practice of painting) and I know I'm not the only one who has benefited from this powerhouse of artist. Surprisingly, Karin has not found it necessary to join facebook and I need to look into that.
Anyway, I know I'm rambling--but back when I was on my blog more often, that's what you did. So...back to the point: I received an email yesterday from Karin Jurick. Truth be told, we've really lost touch. I don't update my blog as often as I once did ( Roos Schuring would not approve), and Karin isn't here on FB. We just don't see each other as often as we once did, in the digital sense of the word. So I was so pleasantly surprised to see this note from her in my inbox. No, it was more than that--I was flattered. Here was a note from someone who I think so highly of, and whose work I've always held as a benchmark against my own--a higher bar to achieve for. And really she was just writing to say hello and to say she missed seeing my paintings.
It's a wonderful world this internet. And Karin Jurick's hand in it makes it just so much better.


Blogger Stephen Magsig said...

What a wonderful post Cooper. You have put in words what I have been thinking and feeling about lately...blogs, facebook and internet Art friends. It is truly a wonderful time to be able to create and connect with artists all over the World. Keep up the great work my blog, facebook and art friend.

Blogger CandyBarrArtist said...

Well Cooper, I feel the same way about checking into your blog from time to time. It's been too long, and judging by the last comment on this post, it doesn't seem to matter. Let's thank the internet and blogs and fellow painters! I love seeing your paintings get richer and more complex and wonderful!

Your summer plein air workshops sound great in Maine coming up 2016.


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