Monday, October 01, 2012

DIY Field Box and Easel

People often ask me where I got my Plein Air/Field Easel and I say, "the dump." And I'm not lying. Everything in this photo is from the dump. Albeit, a great dump and it took a bit of time. 

I'm very proud of it, if only for the fact that it didn't cost me anything!

The box was initially sold as an Art Supply box. It sat in the corner of my studio, empty, for about a year. Then I took it out, cut the top in half, glued and screwed support brackets to the back, added hinges to the sides and voila!

The largest portion of the box is 12" x 16" and holds a store-bought disposal palette pad. The pad is held in place with a small slat of wood for transporting (so the pad full of good paint won't fall inside the box). The side lids of the box hold brushes, medium, and usually an iPod or cell phone. The paper towel roll is underneath them where the wind doesn't affect it as much.
I try to keep it neat and simple, and like how it doesn't keep me at a distance from the painting.

At the end of the day, it all folds away nicely. The easel gets strapped to the side of my small backpack and the box goes inside.