Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bold Brush Art Competition!

Here is a screenshot from my entry (my very first entry ever) into an online painting competition. 

It's something I've been meaning to do for a long time and I'm excited to finally be giving it a go! I hope I made a good choice using this painting, "Glare."

Click on this link for the Bold Brush Art Competition to see how it's doing and to Like it on Facebook. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Treading Lightly on Edward Hopper's Turf

I know I said I was enamored of Two Lights State Park in yesterday's post, but I couldn't resist the allure of this lighthouse and its reflection at the end of the road where the "Two Lights" are. In fact, there wasn't a cloud in the sky which turned my attention back to the ground. It was another gorgeous day and a lot of fun to have time to chat with a wide variety of people passing by. 

I know, I know...

 Plein Air set up (always a work in progress)

Halfway there. Working on a black panel, I end up blocking in the highlights first.

....I know I've been horrible, lazy, lackluster, absolutely undisciplined, etc., etc. about keeping up my blog, but I swear I've been busy. (Okay, so most of that busy-ness involves changing diapers, mashing peas, and doing endless loads of laundry) Yesterday however I had a lovely time working just around the corner from home at Two Lights State Park--a real gem of a place. Most people pass it by to go stand on line at the Lobster Shack at the end of the road, but this is the real deal. In fact, I may end up back here again today. I am working on a series of paintings all within a stone's throw from the house. I don't want to limit it to just Cape Elizabeth, but I won't be far from the town line either. Stay tuned, and I'll try to do a better job of keeping the blog up-to-date!