Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Commission Painting

Commission Painting, 8" x 6", Oil on Panel, 2010


I think it's just about done, but any feedback you have is more than welcome! Thanks in advance, Cooper

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Blogger Marilyn Hantla Russell said...

It is beautiful. But this ignorant painter wishes a little more interest in the lower left area. More color? Another element? More intensity? Marilyn Hantla Russell

Blogger Marilyn Hantla Russell said...

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Blogger Mariano Zucchi said...

Hi Cooper,
nice colors and brushstrokes, however there are too many parallel lines (3 horizontal and 2 vertical) the river is dangerously close to the middle of the painting. I would move the river at 1/3 from the bottom and slant the foregroung hey line from left to right. As is the eye is directed directly out of the picture. As is i love your very nice greens. Best regards


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