Monday, January 04, 2010


Blogger Chris said...

love the feeling of this painting. I would tone down the sign cause my eye keeps getting trapped there and I vote no for stars. I enjoy your work a lot.

Blogger ITLAIAN MAMA said...

This looks like a place in Wisconsin. I think stars would be great, maybe even a moon. How about a cadmium red car. I, too love cadmium red. lol. Keep up the good work. Rita

Blogger Linda said...

So far, so good. I like your work ..... a lot! I think the addition of stars would not add anything to the painting. After you finish it then re-visit this question and make a decision at that time. It is, after all, your vision.

Blogger Cooper Dragonette said...

Thank you all for your input! I sincerely appreciate it. I did opt for no stars and went for the dark sky. Stay tuned for a more finished version!


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