Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Blogger n warner said...

Beautiful one Cooper! Nice expanse and open sail, with the sun drift off there....lovely. Nina

Blogger Nate said...

Inspiring. love the landmarks. Nice composition.

Blogger Cooper Dragonette said...

Thank you Nina! I can't wait for the weather to be nice enough to be out there again soon!

Blogger Cooper Dragonette said...

Thanks Nate--glad you like the compostion.

Blogger Melissa E. Keyes said...

Of winter weather, have you noticed Barbara Kacicek's snow scenes? Makes me shivver! But very nice.

Are the snowdops blooming where you are yet? And maybe there are some other early early flowers. I had some things that bloomed in February, the witch hazel was bright yellow.

No more nice hot cocoa in spring.

Like your paintings a lot, or I wouldn't comment to hassle you! Always nice compositions on your long paintings.

Blogger Cooper Dragonette said...

Thank you Melissa! I'll have to look up Barbara Kacicek. No early flowers here yet, except at the flower show in the civic center. We still have about 4" of snow on the ground which will soon turn everything to mud. Ugh.


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