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Southport Island Bridge, 5" x 14", Oil on Panel, 2008 SOLD
This bridge connects Southport Island back to the mainland near Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Some good friends of ours moved here several years ago and we don't get down there to see them often enough. When we do, we spend a lot of time just driving around sightseeing. The bridge is a very old fashion style of articulated bridge. The bridgekeeper (whose house is pictured here in the right hand corner) has to manually open the bridge by walking a gear around at the center of the bridge, which turns the bridge perpendicular to the river and allows for boat traffic. This particular bridge was featured in the Cissy Spacek movie, "In The Bedroom."

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Dutra's, 9" x 12", Oil on Panel, 2008
I was down visiting my mom this past weekend on Cape Cod. We are in a show together this coming July at the Sandpiper Gallery in Wellfleet. I need to get crackin' on getting ready and this was an image from last summer that I have been meaning to work on. Truro is the second-to-last town on the outer Cape and this store is in Truro center--actually it is Truro center, or better said, Truro central. Coffee shops and restaurants open and close with the warm weather, but Dutra's remains open throughout the year for the handful of residents who reside in town. It's a great store that reminds me that Cape Cod isn't just a destination or retirement home, but a real community of heartly people, not so unlike Maine.
Sadly, just down the road from this little market is a cottage once occupied by Edward Hopper, back when the railroad ran all the way to the end of the Cape. The house has been recently purchased as well as approximately 9 acres where a 6,000 square foot waterfront home is slated to be built. Even the state has gotten involved in the issue, contesting whether their are historical or environmental reasons to prohibit its construction. It remains to be seen what comes of it.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fort Gorges at Sunset, 5" x 14", Oil on Panel, 2008 SOLD
Fort Gorges, a civil war relic, is an icon of Portland Harbor, and even today a navigational hazard. It's difficult to visit despite its place on the National Registry of Historic Places. When The Army Corps of Engineers built the fort, they situated it on a ledge which seems to lay just below the water at high and low tide. But the war ended before the fort was complete. Had it seen action however, its design was surpassed by advancements in explosives and the fort would probably have been easily overtaken. In World War II, the fort was used to store submarine explosives inside its walls (I wouldn't have wanted the job of doing that in the fog) and served as a lookout post for enemy ships. I have often thought of kayaking out to see it, but so often time and tide just haven't been right to do so and again, that's probably why they put it there.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Awash, 5" x 14", Oil on Panel, 2008 SOLD
Just when you thought spring was making an early entrance here in the great state of Maine, winter came back today to remind you that you haven't been excused from the table. I think we're all a bit ready for the next season now, thank you. But March reminds you that there are really only two seasons in Maine. Though I am tired of shoveling and scraping windshields, I can't complain. We've had lots of snow to go with all the cold, and that's made for some great skiing days and kept the place looking like a bit of a winter wonderland. And the storms that have been rolling through here almost like clockwork have given me lots to work with.

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Snow on the Point, 5" x 14", Oil on Panel, 2008 SOLD
The weather was absolutely miserable here yesterday (have I been talking--complaining--too much about the weather in my blog lately?), but me and the dog went out for a walk in a bit of a break in the action. We stopped over at Two Lights State Park to see the waves and they were giants. As I got out of the car, I thought I was hearing thunder, but it was the waves crashing on the rocks just out of sight on the other side of the hill. I really thought the puppy might slip on one of the cliff edges and vanish! We changed venues and went for a walk at Kettle Cove in a rain/snow mix, and this simple view is what stood out from the day.


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