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Monhegan Glare, 6" x 6", Oil on Gessoed Panel, 2008 SOLD
What a difference a day makes! I really struggled with yesterday's painting ("Work in progress") and had requested a little help from all of you out there in cyberspace. Thanks for all your emails and suggestions. It was a huge help! One of the things you don't get working in a studio in your backyard by yourself is a lot of back and forth. (I mean, yes, the dog seems to want to say something about my work, but I just don't know.) Speaking of which, I took the dog for his lunch time work/midday workout to the beach today. A beautiful, sparking sunny day and studying the water helped me solve some of the problems with yesterday's painting. I will repost it here soon, but it does look a bit different.
Before I took the dog to the beach today, I started on this small piece--which is the reverse of how I typically work. Often my small paintings serve as a model and first draft for larger pieces. But I thought I would mix it up for a change today. This view is again from our trip to Monhegan this past summer, looking across to Manana Island (with subtle influences from my walk today with Dozer). All in all a great day in the studio!
*apologies for a substandard photo


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Maine & Boston, 6" x 6", Oil on Gessoed Panel, 2008 SOLD

Out earlier this winter photographing bridges near Wiscasset and happened to catch the train come across this stretch. It was a terrific sight and hard to capture in just one painting.


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Storm Surf, 6" x 6", Oil on Gessoed Panel, 2008 SOLD

I took the dog for two walks this past Friday, the first one a few hours ahead of a winter storm that came in that afternoon. We went out to the rocks on the other side of town to check out the surf and the view. In the distance we could see a couple of lobster boats returning from out on the bay. They would disappear into the troughs now and again, and I kept looking back to make sure they were still afloat. Later in the day we went for a second walk in the early part of the storm.Between the wind, the sleet and freezing rain it was like having needles thrown at my face for thirty minutes. (Dozer, being much lower and closer to the ground, and covered in fur, didn't seem to notice nor care.) At times I had to walk with my hat and scarf pulled so tightly around my face I could hardly see where I was going! Taking some photos, I kept checking to see that the camera hadn't been pulverized by hail. The surf was spectacular and often made it hard to believe we were walking just a few miles from the house. It felt more like the coast of Labrador. But maybe then that would explain why the dog seemed so at home.


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