Friday, December 21, 2007

Well I have to apologize for not keeping up on my posts of late. And thank you all for your wonderful comments and kind words, especially about the ship series of paintings. I have been painting, just not posting. I have been scaling up a lot of my 6" paintings into larger works and hope to show in the Portland area soon. (I will keep you posted). It won't be long until spring is here and I need to start working on some of the bigger pieces too. And then there's the dog, who I can't blame one bit for taking up any of my time except for those random cries to be let out in the middle of the night (in Maine in December!), which has put a bit of a wrinkle in our plans to go work out twice a week at 6am. And I missed the "Virtual Studio Tour" this week because I was out with the flu (and still am to some extent). And now it's time to start cooking and wrap gifts!
Thanks to everyone for your interest and support in my work in 2007!
All the best,

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Red and Gray, 6" x 6", Oil on Panel, 2007 SOLD
The ominous looking skies in the distance never amounted to much as they got closer, but a day or so later we were blanketed in about 6" of snow. The whole place has that great Winter Wonderland look to it and I am reminded of how close the Arctic really is. And then there's something about oil tankers and northern latitudes that reminds me of "Smilla's Sense of Snow."
Apologies for the lapse in posts. My wife and I picked up an 8 week old puppy this weekend and nothing has been the same since. Sleep has become a commodity. I've spent about half of the last four days on the floor with chew toys. We keep looking at each other saying, "Well if this is what it's like to have a puppy, what's it gonna be like if we have kids?!"


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