Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Week of August 27th
This will be this week's work; a commission piece which I'm excited about, but would love to get your feedback on. The photo above is the (12" x 24") painting in its beginning stages--just trying to get a sense of everything. Let me know what you think...
In other news: the WCSH Sidewalk Art Fair was good, but boy was it hot. I asked my wife the night before what she thought I should wear, and she suggested some cool looking jeans and a white shirt. So at 5:30am the very next morning, that's what I pulled out of the closet. That outfit only worked until the moment I left the air-conditioned car to begin setting up for the day. The rest of the day was spent in vain attempts to stay cool. Still, I had a great time and thanks to everyone who helped me out. I met my festival neighbors-for-a-day, Ruth and Larry at about 6:30am and they were invaluable. Their feedback and friendship was very welcome and I hope to see them again. I also got to (finally!) meet Daily Painters artists, Elizabeth Fraser and Nita Leger Casey who both strolled all the way down Congress Street to find my tent. A lot of friends, old and new, popped in and helped out. My friends Scott and Kirsten saved the day with the delivery of two cement blocks to keep the tent from becoming airborne. Which reminds me of my other task this week; making weights for this coming Sunday's show at Fort Williams. Hope to see you there!

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Blogger L. Palmberg said...

Nice pic. You'll make it look fab. Someone told me if you put a big breaking wave in a pic it will help a lot.

What crafters do around here is fill 2" (I think they were) PVC pipe full of concrete & hang one on each pole. We are known to have a lot of wind.

Blogger Cooper Dragonette said...

Thanks Laurie, I hope so. And thanks for the tip on the weights. I grabbed four large sandbags that I'll try to use at this next show. It's on the water and I'm sure there will be a breeze.


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