Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ferry Landing, Monhegan, 6" x 9", Oil on Panel, 2007
It climbed to a whole six degrees today. Looking forward to some warmer weather next Florida. I'll be away for the first half of next week, so forgive me if I don't post anything until Thursday or Friday. I'm looking forward to warmer weather in Maine as well, but in the meantime happy to continue working on "studio landscapes" indoors. This is a view of the ferry landing at Monhegan, looking across at Manana. (I was probably sitting on the front lawn of the inn with a cold drink enjoying the sunset before dinner.) It was our last night on the island and I must have taken a photo of everything in the harbor before the sun went down and we went in to eat.

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Blogger W. K. Moore said...

Like this one Cooper.. seems a little less polished than the others and that appeals to me. Most of your work for me is precise (in the good sense) and this one has a relaxed feel that still delivers.

Blogger Joan DaGradi said...

What a gorgeous painting!
Rich and lovely...great job.

Blogger Michele Beaulieu said...

Cooper, this is a very sweet painting and has an interesting point of view, like all the world's a stage and the players are your houses and boats. very approachable. Thanks so much for referring me to Mary Azarian. I am thoroughly enjoying her site.


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