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Vicki M. McAllister No. 2, 14" x 18", Oil on Canvas, 2007
In my studio, my pallette is clearly starting to define itself...and then there's this painting. In a room of muted earth tones and quiet warm and cool colors there is this radiating splash of oranges and reds. I doubt I would have been as interested in painting this scene had the ship been a more benign color like gray or white. I love all that fire in contrast to the tranquil water and sky colors, typical of a seascape. The Vicki McAllister is the newest addition to the McAllister fleet of tugs here in Portland harbor. A 4650hp Z-Drive Tractor Tug, she was built by Eastern Shipbuilding in Florida in 2001. This is my second painting of this image and now when I see the Vicki out in the harbor I have to do a double take--it's like seeing an old friend.


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